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 My desire is to give you the best possible hair care service and to bring out your individual, natural beauty. My dedication to your happiness is the key to give you what you want and need out of your hair.

 Services Include:
  • Design  for Women 
  • Hair color
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Glazing
  • Corrective Color

The Gold Standard in :  All-Nutrient has researched and developed quality haircolor using the best certified ingredients known to exist.   Our plant-derived formulas offer brilliant shine with 80 vibrant, long-lasting shades and provide the perfect depth of color.  Formulated with a natural, certified organic base of vegetable oils and keratin proteins, our haircolor provides gentle penetration of pigment with the long-lasting color and increased manageability and shine. All-Nutrient has six major points of difference:
  1. All-Nutrient has greater longevity than other brands and fade-proof reds—guaranteed! That’s because All-Nutrient permanent cream color uses a higher concentration of 100% oxidative dyes to put more color in the hair. While delivering extra color molecules to the cortex, its unique, cream emulsion delivery system gently elasticizes the cuticle preventing damage.  You get intense, long-lasting color and incredible shine. 
  2. All All-Nutrient shades provide 100% gray coverage—guaranteed! Every color family covers gray itself, so there is no need to add an N series to other shades when covering gray, even with reds, like there is with other brands.  Other brands often have a NN series, which simply tells you that there is not enough pigment in the other series. 
  3. Our natural cream base is made of pure oils and keratin proteins, actually leaving the hair in better condition than it was before coloring. All-Nutrient uses a natural, vegetable-derived base that’s infused with active keratin micro-proteins, amino acids, certified organic oils, – all the building blocks of hair. As it colors, it reconstructs the hair from the inside out, adding strength and moisture. It also uses a very low percent of ammonia. Our haircolor is made with the most certified organic ingredients possible. We don’t make “all organic” claims because no permanent haircolor can—just . 
  4. All-Nutrient is formulated and manufactured in the USA.  Years in the making, it was created by an enthused chemist who is also a licensed cosmetologist

  5. It’s super-easy to formulate, mix and use with incredible predictability. The molecularly-balanced color formulas create the precise tonality you see in the All-Nutrient swatches. 
  6. All-Nutrient contains no parabens, DEA, betaines, propylene glycol or EDTA, and is sulfate- and gluten-free.  It’s formulated to be both efficacious and safe.

Le Bon Temps is a certified Surface Salon
All Surface Products are Formulated with Sustainable Harvested Ingredients and Certified Organic Botanicals

  • Color Vita Complex - Ceramide III Vitamin A,C,E Antioxidants
    - Infused in all Surface Products
  • Palm and Coconut Oils Cleanse Gently and Thorough
  • Babassu Botanical Penetrating Oil Imparts Moisture, Shine and Softens
  • Vegan Cationic Proteins of Amaranth, Keravis and Soy Maximize Repair
  • Sugars and Corn Starch Provide Resilient Humidity Resistant Styling
  • Awaken Mineral Ferments and Botanical Extracts Aid in Healthy Cell Reproduction, Anti-Aging, Creating A Healthy Scalp and Maximizing .
  • Tourmaline Kiyoseki Crystal Fusion (TK2). Maximize condition, color and speed styling time.
  • Heat Maximizes the Performance of the Color Vita Complex, Botanical , Vegan Protein and TK2.   Heat is good for all Surface Hair Care and Styling Products.
  • Surface is formulated with plant derived aromas and product colors are the natural color of the ingredients. No added dyes.
  • Free Of – Sulfates, Gluten, Parabens, Animal Protein, Mineral Oil, and phthalates

I am so blessed to be able to share some other great products in my salon from a long time friend from my hometown. Please check out Jupiter Oil. Available in my salon now!
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